Hilo de Oro; a new brand full of life, love and the colors of nature. A name and logo inspired by the invisible thread that connects those wo are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. Hilo de Oro preserves the beautiful traditions of local artisans, improving their lives by connecting them with slow fashion lovers around the globe.

Hilo de Oro was founded at the end of 2016 in Lima, Peru. It was born in the minds of two Dutch expat women who were looking for a challenge and purpose in their new lives in Lima. 

About us

Even though she started her career in the fashion industry, Margreet has always had a special interest in socially conscious and environmentally friendly produced clothing. Over the last years she specialized in knitwear product development in one of the worlds biggest apparel brands. With Hilo de Oro Margreet wants to combine her passion, knowledge and ability to connect people. Working together with local artisans and designers in Peru to create beautiful, expertly crafted, and unique knitwear is a long outstanding dream come true. 

Anke, a psychotherapist, is the commercial force behind the Hilo de Oro. As a fashion loving globetrotter, Anke believes that no matter how exquisite the product, without a modern touch and the right buyers, hardworking and skilled artisans are not able to adequately support themselves and their families. With Hilo de Oro Anke wants to bring two things together: empowering local craftswomen and setting an example for expat women all over the world.

Inspired by the breathtaking sceneries and rich culture which this country has to offer, our Peruvian knitwear collections are made with luxurious alpaca or Pima cotton yarns. Our knitwear collection is 100% handmade by local artisans, respecting their tradition and preserving their skills. 

Let’s join forces and proudly wear Hilo de Oro!